Getting Your Message Across

Are you battling to grow your online business presence? Or, does it feel like your business is invisible in the digital arena? Then Divine Messaging is your answer! We offer a range of strategic packages and services that will generate leads and put a digital spotlight on your business. We are ready to get your message out, are you?

 Unplugging Your Digital Potential

The online arena offers businesses unlimited client potential and if done right, clients that come to you.

In todays age, it’s crucial for any business to be online. Its just important to have a consistent strategy, customised to your business and target client.

What we can help you with?

Website Services

 For any business to succeed they need a website. We offer a range of hosting packages, and development packages that get customised to your brand and company size, and once up and running optimised so that your website ranks on searches.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new frontier for businesses and has unlimited potential. Optimising platforms that are best suited for your business is key. We will formulate a content strategy specifically for your business, that will attract your ideal audience.

Email Marketing

With the tools and tactics at our disposal, we can build any audience specific database or using your own website and social media platforms to build a database. From a simple once-off email, or a fully automated campaign, we can do it for you.

Graphic Design

Key to any business success is your image, let us help you create a consistent and a stand-out business’ brand. Creating graphics that grab your audience’s attention, so be it video or image we can design it, we offer a range of design packages.

Content Development

One of the others keys to a successful marketing campaign is awesome content. Content that is relevant, informative, correct and present that represents your business perfectly. Content that gets your message across loud and clear. 

Business Services

Need business? But not sure how, then let us do the searching, we know where and how to find it. Or, overwhelmed with tenders and vendor applications? From searching for tenders to completing them, we’ve got you covered.

Virtual Services

Providing an online service gives you access to our team from anywhere in the world, no matter what you busy with, you’ll have us right in your pocket.

Going online has;

  • Optimisers time,
  • Financially viable,
  • Business flexibility,
  • Employee Satisfaction,
  • Easy access to our team,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Allows us to be international, 
  • keeps us all safe during the covid pandemic.

If you are thinking about going virtual but not sure where to begin, we offer a range of business services, virtual set-up is one of them. So let’s schedule our first virtual meeting and discuss how Divine Messaging can help your business grow.

Success Stories

Morning DM Team,

Byron, when we first met at the end you said to me, “Divine Messaging will always be ready to help, it’s just up to you to take it”. What I thought was just another sales line, was in fact a promise.

Because when the time came, no questions asked your team was there. Even after I had decided to go with another developer and ended up getting screwed.

It just take one call and your team was on it, making sure that my site had at least a home and online shop page for our launch, even getting involved and helping at the launch. I truly cant express my gratitude to you and the team.

Thank You!! You guys rock.

Jenni Ndaba


I was referred to Divine Messaging, by a friend, to assist with tenders, lead generation and managing our jobs boards. Which allowed me to focus more on my clients and our services.

Which was the best decision I made, Divine Messaging take total control and ran with it. Noticing we where battling to close certain positions, they devised a strategy targeting this specific industry and implemented it, it was not requested or invoiced, just done. Leading to all those positions being fulled. Leading to Divine Messaging taking over candidate generation as well.

Divine Messaging always gives good sound advise and total honesty when they see something wrong, or a gap within your services, but always doing so with a solution.

Divine Messaging is more like a partner than a supplier. Thank you guys.

Mark Brown


Needing to make some extra money, I decided to start a small craft business. But was battling to get business in, I come across Divine Messaging the one night and asked for advise, which they gave freely and happily. Even following up to see how it work for me.

The best part it was really successful. So much so,  I started battling to maintain my ads and catalogues. I reached out to Divine for help and they jumped right in, tailor-making a package to my needs and vision of keeping it a small but busy business.

Thanks to Divine, my life has gotten a lot easier thank to a couple production suggestion increasing my output with less work and a consistent stream of new orders.

I highly recommend Divine to anyone!

Amy Voss


 We’ll Help You Grow

At Divine Messaging we are constantly growing and learning, we are always looking for new tools, tactics and strategies. Without learning your business will never grow, but we also understand that being a business owner you don’t always have time. So let us do all the learning, testing and measuring, once done and seeing results than we custom to your business and implement.

Let’s BEGin

Ready To Grow Your Business?

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